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Erin Turo


Turo Family Chiropractic

"I recently hired Becky to set up and host my podcast, 'What The Health,' and I couldn't be happier with the results. Working with Becky was a breeze - she made the entire process so easy and stress-free.

All I have to do now is submit my episodes, and Becky takes care of the rest. She adds the intro and outro, levels the speaking voices, and even sends me a custom graphic to use for each episode. It's so convenient and saves me so much time and effort.

Becky's expertise and attention to detail have helped take my podcast to the next level, and I couldn't be more grateful. If you're looking for someone to help you set up and host your podcast, I highly recommend working with Becky!"


Joe Grushkin

CEO & Founder

 National Assoc of Local Businesses

"Becky did a FABULOUS job interviewing me over the phone but even more impressive is the publicity I got afterwards! My interview got picked up on Business Innovators Radio, which is syndicated to iHeartRadio, iTunes and a ton more places as well as in Business Innovators Magazine!!! The experience was super easy AND fun, she is a true professional! As a result, I get to use all of these great marketing pieces on my website and in all my future endeavors! I enthusiastically recommend Becky as a business coach or promotional resource for business growth to any business owner looking for wide spread or local exposure."


Dr. Barry Lycka

Cosmetic Surgeon

“The ‘Spotlight Success’ interview really sets me up as a ‘celebrity’ in my town. In cosmetic work, it’s important potential clients know what questions to ask a doctor before having liposuction. Results - good or bad - go far beyond the mirror. The ‘Spotlight Success’ interview offers my patients insight on liposuction they didn’t even know they SHOULD be asking, thus positioning me as the only person they want to be going to for their cosmetic work! Becky really made the whole process so fast, easy and simple.”


Dionne Malush


Realty ONE Group Gold Standard

“I use my Spotlight Success Interview as a leave behind after I show my potential buyers through a home. Becky’s questions were great because it really showed off what I wanted too focus on in my business. It also really sets me apart from all other realtors. No other realtor has an interview they can leave behind with prospective clients. It’s really been a great investment for me that has produced a wonderful return (ROI).“


Dr. Carl Medgaus

Dental Implant Specialist

“Becky helped me fill my dental implant seminars. This ‘Spotlight Success’ interview was a GREAT way to introduce me to my prospects before they ever walked in the door. It presold me and my services. My ROI for the ‘Spotlight’ system is well over 500%. The process was fast and only took 30 minutes of my time - which mattered to me.”


Matt Tomsho

The Effective Detective

"When people hear that you have been interviewed, it’s an instant credibility builder. Having Becky interview me was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done to position myself as an expert! Her introduction of me, along with her interview style, were fun and very informative to my clients. I would do it again in a second!”


Shawn Wright

Bankruptcy & IRS Attorney

"Becky made the interview process simple and straight-forward. I thought of the questions for my audience, she refined them for me, and the whole interview went smoothly. The clarity was great, and now I have another tool in my marketing arsenal to use. I think it'll be a great way for prospective clients to know more about my IRS tax law practice.”


Kyle Wolfe


The Vault Taproom

"Our recent marketing success (Secret Santa campaign, Shout Out Campaign, contest entry forms, email direct marketing, Giant Christmas Stocking, Facebook Messenger campaign and Be A Hero Campaign) has everything to do with the absolutely wonderful marketing consultant we brought on early in November 2019. Her name is Becky Auer and she was the very successful owner of Nakama in South Side before she sold, having grown and maintained a SIGNIFICANT gross revenue over her six year tenure. You can learn more about Becky in the link below, thank you so much for your hard work – we’re so excited you’re on board!"


Martin Howey


Topline Business Solutions

"This lady gave... in just 2 minutes... 3 GREAT tips that, once again, ANY business can use to grow, and gave examples of how those ideas are currently working in a brick and mortar business that she previously owned. You get to know this gal, and you'll have more practical, useable and immediately implementable ideas than you can imagine. She's fun. She's smart. And it's darned obvious that she knows what she's doing. Awesome stuff!"


Chris Losego


PuroClean of North Pittsburgh

"Becky has helped me a lot! But one thing that worked in the first month or 2 was using her Ultimate Cash Flow Calender System! I took the letters and the food to the offices I called on. All of a sudden people weren’t unhappy to see a stranger walk into their office. By using the funny, unique letters that Becky provided, I was able to walk into a number of offices with something fun to talk about.

Most of the time the foods were not super expensive, maybe $5-10 per office. The first office to give me a call with a job was about 3 weeks after my first visit. It was a relatively small job and we did a good job to get our foot in the door. Our return on investment (maybe $20-30 on food), was about $3000.

I will be using Becky's Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar System every month now to keep us familiar with existing referral sources and to meet new ones!"


Stephen Deal

Founder & CEO

Create A Legacy LLC

“Holy Moly!!! This is freaking awesome!!! Thank you!!! I’m super pumped.

Honestly, I’m blown away! You did amazing! And the process was so simple and easy! I filled out a form and you did all the work!

Within three days my news release was picked up on 258 sites !!!

I am really proud and excited to be able to share this on my social media & on my website.

And I’m going to be sharing with everyone in my network. This is an amazing service you’re providing!”


Mary Beth Kratsas


Sewing for Angels

“What can I say other than: HOLY SMOKE!

Your news release service is unbelievable!

Who would’ve thought you can get picked up on 247 media and news sites with ONE press release? And the process was so easy. Mainly because you did all the work. LOL

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Tayon Mitchell


Engarde Financial

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sending out a news release after you helped me make my book a 4X Best Seller on Amazon! I was blown away that your release got picked up on over 400 sites! That's is just incredible and gives me real standing when you search me or my book on Google or Amazon. What an unbelievable 'surprise'. You always over-deliver and I truly appreciate it.