The Authority Place

    Being seen as an EXPERT isn’t about trying to convince people that you are the best in the world or know everything about what you do.
    There are two things I require for some-one to qualify as a best selling author.

    1.     You must genuinely be able to help your customers.
    2.     You must be willing to share your knowledge so that your prospects can make an informed decision about working with you.

    If that’s you, then you qualify because to many of your prospects, you are an EXPERT. Besides, the best-selling author process completely removes the need for you to try to convince anyone that you’re the expert.

    This formula is designed to allow you to be an Educator and Advocate for the success of your prospects. When you’re seen as an Educator and Advocate for the success of others, you never have to call yourself the expert again because you’ve made it easy for others to call you the expert.

    A traditional business book can cost $15-30k or more, especially if you require the services of a ghostwriter, not to mention about 100-200 hours of your time.

    And that’s just for the writing.You would still have the expense of editing, formatting, cover design, and setting up publishing.

    Each of those tasks can cost several hundred to over a thousand dollars.  Compare that to becoming a contributing author in a multi-author book which turns into a best-seller and its super affordable at only $1297 to create, produce, and publish a high-quality book with your chapter in it.


    You don't have to be!  You only have to answer the questions I ask you!


    No!  I will get on the phone and interview you AND write your chapter!  All you have to do is read it once I have it done and make any changes you would like.  I submit it.  And that's it!  Easy peasy!


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Are you struggling to attract customers and sales like the industry leaders do effortlessly?

Are you wondering how some businesses can charge several times more than their competitors and still have loyal customers who wait in line for hours just to get their hands on their latest product?

The answer is simple: AUTHORITY.

Introducing "The Authority Place: How to Crack the Code of Credibility So You Can Make Yourself Irresistibly Magnetic to Your Prospects."

The power of authority is not new in the healthcare industry, where the endorsement of the "man in the white coat" has been used for a long time to establish credibility. People trust the word of their doctor, dentist, or optician and are likely to accept the authority of any official-looking person or company that endorses an advertised product. This is the power of authority in action.

Using an official, intelligent, or authoritative figure to promote a product saves consumers the trouble of researching the issues for themselves and instead, they simply accept the claims as being true. Even when the FCC forced advertisers to hire actors who played doctors in popular TV shows to endorse their aspirin, cold remedies, and other medical-related products, viewers were still persuaded by the powerful authority signal built by their fictional characters.

So how can you get instant authority in a niche to grow your online reputation and become irresistibly magnetic to your ideal prospects? Authority is gained through social proof, but all social proof is not created equal. If you want to be considered the most credible and trustworthy expert in your niche, you need to become associated with already trusted brands.

The fastest way to establish instant authority is to get featured in the mainstream media. If a person or company can get featured in the mainstream press, they must be trustworthy. Their association with well-known media brands serves as an implied trust signal, reassuring customers that they're making a good choice. That's why we created The Authority Place. The Authority Place offers a way for you to get published on some of the most trafficked and influential websites in the world.

Getting multiple placements on the most trusted brands elevates your image, reputation, and overall position in your marketplace so you become the undisputed choice for customers.

Once you establish instant authority, you will always stand out in the minds of your prospects. The traffic and customers will follow, but that is just a side effect of the authority and credibility you gain from being associated with some of the world's most trusted and popular media brands.

Google trusts The Authority Place so much that it ranks ANY content published on them immediately. This means we can boost the online visibility of any person, company, or brand and start driving more traffic and sales in just a few hours.

If you understand the power of instant authority and apply it to your business, you will begin to position yourself in your marketplace and the minds of your prospects like no one else. From there, it's only a matter of time before the people you want to influence the most - your ideal clients or customers - will do business with you. Let us help you establish yourself as the #1 most trusted advisor in your marketplace and reap the benefits of increased traffic, customers, and sales.